Series One: High and Tight

The Rangers didn’t start the season quite the way they wanted too. They led in all three games, and they lost all three games. At home. With Yu Darvish, Martin Perez and Cole Hamels on the mound. 

Yu Darvish walked too many guys. He left with a lead and Matt Bush and Sam Dyson gave up his lead. Martin Perez pitched pretty well after the first two innings, but the runs he surrendered were enough to help the Rangers to their second straight loss.

Wednesday night, Cole Hamels began the gsme on fire, but cooled off very quickly after three perfect innings. His team gave him the lead on multiple occasions, and he struggled to keep runners off base. He left the game with the lead, and left it to the bullpen. 

Tony Barnette and Matt Bush did their jobs, but Sam Dyson did not.  The walks are the worst part of the first series if you ask me. Well, that and the ninth inning grand slam. Base on balls comes back to haunt a team more often than not. Especially lead off walks. The Indians didn’t look stellar the whole series either, but they took more advantage of the walks and errors.

So now it’s time for the Rangers players and fans to move on from a 0-3 start. There are still 159 games left in the season. The pitching staff is good. They are going to struggle from time to time. It’s okay. The Rangers have the Oakland Athletics next, and if they can get out with a couple of wins on the homestand, we will all feel a little better. 

So sit back and relax Rangers fans. There is a long and entertaining season ahead of us. The first series may have been high and tight, but I have confidence that this is still a post season worthy team.

Spring Training Preview: Third Base

We all know that the Rangers have the best left side of the infield in all of baseball, and we all know that Adrian Beltre has a lot to do with that. Beltre came to the Rangers during the off season in 2011 and replaced Michael Young at third base. We all remember the controversy that followed when beltre1 e1329915600279 150x150 Spring Training Preview: Third BaseRangers fans thought they were going to see Michael Young in a Rockies uniform or at least not i a Rangers uniform. But it could not have worked out better than it did (unless the Rangers get one more strike in game 6). Young went on to be the greatest DH/Utility infielder the Rangers have probably ever seen, and Beltre and Andrus looked amazing playing together…read more here…

Spring Training Preview: Short Stop

Elvis Andrus had a good season at short stop in 2011, and I see no reason why he is not going to improve on that in 2012. He showed us more power than we had seen from him the previous seasons, and he also seems to really relish the role of batter no. 2 in the order. In 2010, in the no. 1 spot in the  batting order, he batted .265 with 0 home runs and 35 RBI’s in 148 games. He stole 32 bases, struck out 96 times. In 2011, in the no. 2 hole for most of the season, he batted .279 with 5 home runs and 60 RBI’s in 150 games. He stole 37 bases and struck out just 74 times…read more here…

Spring Training Preview: Second Base

We all know that Ian Kinsler is the second baseman for the Texas Rangers, right? We also know that Kinsler played injury free for the first time in his professional career in 2011. He got into 155 games in 2011, his previous high was 144 in 2009. Ian is going to be a part of that SS/2B tandem that theKinsler 150x150 Spring Training Preview: Second Base Rangers are going to have for a very long time, I believe…read more here…

Spring Training Preview: First Base

There was a lot of talk about first base over the course of the off season. There was a little talk about Pujlos, a whole lot of talk about Prince Fielder, and then just a very little bit of talk about the Rangers actual starting first baseman,Moreland 150x150 Spring Training Preview: First Base Mitch Moreland. After many tries with the minor league stud turned major league strikeout king Chris Davis, the Rangers finally traded him last season when it appeared that Mitch was ready to be the Rangers everyday first baseman…read more here…

Spring Training Preview: Catcher

The Rangers are going to have a different no. 1 catcher this season than they had at the start of last season. In 2011 the starting catcher was Yorvit game 6 150x150 Spring Training Preview: CatcherTorrealba, but by the end of the season it was Mike Napoli. And, as we all remember and probably still all want to forget, Mike would have been the World Series MVP had game 6 turned out a little differently…read more here…